How do you know when you need a sports massage?

Sports massage therapy is a discipline which practitioners are trained to mobilise the soft tissues of the body, these are your muscles and the fascia around your muscles. They are trained to use techniques that include, deep massage, fascial stretching, rolling and kneading the muscles.

Sometimes if muscles are being constantly worked they can develop knots. Muscles can also be the cause of pain, such as tension in the shoulder muscles can lead to head or neck pain. Knots in the calf muscles can lead to calf pain. Tension through the gluteals can lead to back stiffness.

Sports massage focuses on releasing out these muscles. Some longstanding complaints may benefit from regular massage. Sports persons also benefit from regular massage especially when they are building up muscle mass as tight muscles can make movements feel stiff and hindered.

If you are experiencing stiffness rather than pain then a sports massage can be your first point of call. A good sports masseuse will know if you might need a more detailed assessment than can be provided by a physio.

If you are experiencing pain then it is always worth getting a thorough assessment and if massage is indicated the physio will be able to refer you.

At JYphysiotherapy our physiotherapists are qualified to do sports massage as well. If you would like to discuss further or enquire about prices please contact us >

Work station assessments

Sports massage was developed to help athletes perform optimally in their chosen sport. It an be used for maintenance during training, injury prevention, pre event to warm up and stimulate muscles ready for activity and post event – to help recovery of tired muscles.

It can also be used during the treatment of injuries & the rehabilitation program.

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How a Sports Massage differs from a regular massage: Sports massage is a specific qualification that takes up to 6 months to complete the first level. The techniques used for sports massage tend to be deep soft tissue work to help get into those tight muscles and release any tension building up.

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Trigger point sports massage is a great way to self massage tight muscles. It is not as effective as a sports massage mainly because you can only work on small surface areas and use it as a specific release of one spot but it can be great for regular releasing tight gluteal muscles especially if you do a lot of sport or gym work.

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