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Sport can be a huge part of your life, either as a release of stresses, socially or as way to get active as you get older. We take sport very seriously at JY Physiotherapy and understand the importance exercise plays in your life. When you have an injury, we can quickly identify what is the cause and help you reduce your symptoms, look at what may have contributed and help you identify what you can do to help. During your time recovering we make sure you don’t loose your fitness and put a plan in place to make you stronger than you were to begin with. We work with all sports from Hockey to Tennis to Ballet. We have many runners and cyclists who attend our clinics.

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ACL injuries in Young Field Hockey Players is becoming more and more common. Everyone knows that having an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is a big deal this is mainly because you know that you are out for a season, and that the rehab is hard work for 6-9 months.

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Tennis elbow pain is term used to describe a pain that is felt on the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow pain can start off sharp and occasional and then gradually it can become very painful and limiting.

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Why do young athletes need to warm up? At the end of last season I treated a young athlete who sustained a calf strain at the start of an important match. It seemed a typical scenario, arriving at a fixture with very little time to warm up and straight in to a game. So why is warm up so important and what is the point of a warm up?

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"I have had many issues with my back over the years and Jehan has been the only physio to not only correctly diagnose and treat successfully, but also to devise an effective plan to deliver long standing results. Her knowledge of the complexities of vertebrae are second to none! I would highly recommend her."​

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