06 Jul

Pain in your Hip? Could it be Gluteus Medius Tendinopathy?

Pain in your hip, what is it? Are you getting pain in your hip? Firstly, I think it’s important to clarify where you mean by your hip. If you were suddenly asked to perform the song ‘Let’s do the time warp again… with your hands on your hips’ then you would put your hands on […]

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05 Jul

Sports massage for Gym users

Sports massage for Gym users Sports massage for gym users is often recommended when you have trained hard and need to release out the muscles. But Sports massage is not limited to those with big bulging muscles. I see several clients both women and men who are doing 4-5 classes or circuits or gym sessions […]

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29 Jun

Why do I keep getting Injured when I Exercise?

Why do we get injured after Exercise Recently I met a friend, she’s a couple of years younger than me (early 40’s) and a retired professional athlete. We always end up discussing why she keeps getting injured (occupational hazard as a physiotherapist). The conversation rang true for many patients I see. Often women, often with kids, […]

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27 Jun

How to Fit Exercise into your Life

This question as easy as it sounds is very complex! I can safely say I spend approximately 20% of my time as a physiotherapist talking about how to fit exercise in our lives. Some of us…. I will call them the ‘blessed folk’ are able to wake at 5.30am to go for 10mile run and […]

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22 Jun

A Case of Achilles Tendinopathy

Do you suffer from Achilles Pain? At school drop off one morning a mom friend Louise was asking for some advice about her Achilles pain she was getting. She had started running again after a long break and was really enjoying it. She used to run middle distance back in the day, and also played […]

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20 Jun

How to Reduce Injury as we get Older

I wanted to write a piece on how to reduce injury as we get older as I have made many observations during my 20 years as a physiotherapist. One of which is that it is quite apparent that, as people get older, their injuries tend to reoccur and last for longer periods. When you were […]

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15 Jun

Why I love Pilates Classes- musings of a physio

Why do I love Pilates classes and what are the benefits?  Rewind 20 years…… I loved exercise and the sweatier the better, I have dabbled in most sports from triathlons to endurance running to hill walking to yoga and at no point did I want to do Pilates. When Pilates first entered the world of […]

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15 Jun

Why do I get pain in my feet when I’m walking?

Do you suffer from painful feet when walking?  More and more I am seeing people who are suffering with painful feet when walking. At first, I thought it was a condition reserved for the older population, but then I developed painful feet after a weekend of hiking. I organised a hike with some friends and […]

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06 Jun

Warm up exercises for Field Hockey

  Warm up exercises in Field Hockey are important as hockey can be challenging on your body  but good training techniques will ease those demands. We have partnered with Surbiton Hockey Club to develop a hockey  training routine that will  improve fitness, stamina and performance as well as reduce injury. Warm up exercises for Field […]

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03 Jun

Sports Massage and Hockey

Having played hockey for over 20 years I can, personally, attest to the long and short term impact that this intensive sport can have on the body and why sports massage is beneficial.  From veterans, trying to maximise the longevity of their ability to enjoy and compete in the sport, to junior players coping with […]

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