23 Apr


Thank you for taking the time to add a review. It really means a lot to us! To add a Review Click here  5/5 I have a very active lifestyle – CrossFit, obstacle races, running, cycling, hiking, snowboarding – and when I injured my lower back my exercise options suddenly became very limited. Jehan […]

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16 Mar

The Different Types of Massages

Sports Massage  Sports massage was developed to help athletes perform optimally in their chosen sport. It can be used for maintenance during training, injury prevention, pre event to warm up & stimulate muscles ready for activity and post event to help recovery of tired muscles. It can also be used during the treatment of injuries […]

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15 Feb

Heel Pain (Planta fasciitis)

Louise was one of my favourite patients to treat. She was an energetic 55-year-old with a passion for Zumba and suffering with heel pain. She came to see me having not done Zumba for 2 months. Louise felt low in mood, Zumba was her release, the music, the dancing, her group of friends and a […]

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12 Feb

Disc prolapse, a Case Study of a slipped disc

Disc prolapse Disc prolapse, disc bulge, herniated discs, or slipped disc whichever term you know, is in my opinion the most common cause of low back pain. People often worry when they hear the words disc prolapse but there are many different levels of injury. Also, what we will see in the following case is […]

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04 Feb

Top tips on how to help tennis elbow pain.

Top tips on how to help tennis elbow pain. Firstly, what are the symptoms of tennis elbow? Tennis elbow pain is term used to describe a pain that is felt on the outside of the elbow. Tennis elbow pain can start off sharp and occasional and then gradually it can become very painful and limiting. […]

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03 Dec

ACL Injuries in Hockey Players

ACL Injuries in Young Field Hockey Players ACL injuries in Young Field Hockey Players is becoming more and more common. Everyone knows that having an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is a big deal this is mainly because you know that you are out for a season, and that the rehab is hard work for […]

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27 Nov

What is Sciatica? How do we treat it?

What is Sciatica? How do we treat it? I hear this term used a lot in my practice, everyone these days seems to have a ‘little bit of sciatica’. Sciatica is a term that means leg pain caused by a nerve (your sciatic nerve to be precise). What we will look at is what is […]

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26 Nov

How to prevent hamstring injuries in young hockey players

How to prevent hamstring injuries in young hockey players Hamstring injury is a very common injury that I see in young hockey players. The Hamstring muscles is a the back of your thigh. It attaches to your sit bone, so if you sit up tall in your chair and feel the bones that you sit […]

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07 Nov

Why do I get knee pain going up and down stairs?

Why do I get knee pain going up and down stairs? Every week I see a number of people who come to see me with knee pain going up and down stairs. Knee pain is common and because it can be quite sharp it can be quite worrying. People often are worried something is damaged […]

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07 Nov

Is too much sport bad for children? Are they overtraining?

Is too much sport bad for our children? Are they overtraining? Last week I presented a lecture at Surbiton Hockey Club on how to train effectively as a young athlete.  Often if your child is sporty and loves sport then they end up doing A LOT of it. They maybe on the hockey team at […]

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