03 Dec

ACL Injuries in Hockey Players

ACL Injuries in Young Field Hockey Players ACL injuries in Young Field Hockey Players is becoming more and more common. Everyone knows that having an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injury is a big deal this is mainly because you know that you are out for a season, and that the rehab is hard work for […]

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27 Nov

What is Sciatica? How do we treat it?

What is Sciatica? How do we treat it? I hear this term used a lot in my practice, everyone these days seems to have a ‘little bit of sciatica’. Sciatica is a term that means leg pain caused by a nerve (your sciatic nerve to be precise). What we will look at is what is […]

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07 Nov

Why do I get knee pain going up and down stairs?

Why do I get knee pain going up and down stairs? Every week I see a number of people who come to see me with knee pain going up and down stairs. Knee pain is common and because it can be quite sharp it can be quite worrying. People often are worried something is damaged […]

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07 Sep

Tips on how to improve your sitting posture

Tips on how to improve your sitting posture. Can sitting with a good sitting posture really make a difference? Do I need a really good chair at my desk? How long should I sit for? Does sitting affect my back pain? Is sitting the new smoking? These are all questions I get asked all the […]

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27 Aug

When is Pilates not suitable for me

I am a lover of Pilates as you maybe aware from my previous posts, but I certainly do not suggest it’s the solution to all problems. So, when is Pilates not suitable? These are a few injuries that I will often recommend that patients stop or do not do Pilates. Hamstring Tendinopathy (sit bone pain) […]

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15 Jul

3 Drills to help  prevent knee injuries in Field Hockey

3 Drills to help  prevent knee injuries in Field Hockey Knee Injuries  in field hockey are very common especially in the younger players 11+ years. This is because the sport demands on the knee joints are high. Lunges as we reach for the ball, running, sprinting and changing direction are all factors that can lead […]

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13 Jul

Pain in the Neck?

Are you suffering from pain in the neck? Pain in the neck? Neck pain is one of the most common things I see in my clinics. Most people I treat have had pain in their neck at some stage in their lives and various symptoms. The two main cases I see are: The one-off episode […]

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06 Jul

Pain in your Hip? Could it be Gluteus Medius Tendinopathy?

Pain in your hip, what is it? Are you getting pain in your hip? Firstly, I think it’s important to clarify where you mean by your hip. If you were suddenly asked to perform the song ‘Let’s do the time warp again… with your hands on your hips’ then you would put your hands on […]

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15 Jun

Why do I get pain in my feet when I’m walking?

Do you suffer from painful feet when walking?  More and more I am seeing people who are suffering with painful feet when walking. At first, I thought it was a condition reserved for the older population, but then I developed painful feet after a weekend of hiking. I organised a hike with some friends and […]

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06 Jun

Warm up exercises for Field Hockey

  Warm up exercises in Field Hockey are important as hockey can be challenging on your body  but good training techniques will ease those demands. We have partnered with Surbiton Hockey Club to develop a hockey  training routine that will  improve fitness, stamina and performance as well as reduce injury. Warm up exercises for Field […]

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