20 Jun

How to Reduce Injury as we get Older

I wanted to write a piece on how to reduce injury as we get older as I have made many observations during my 20 years as a physiotherapist. One of which is that it is quite apparent that, as people get older, their injuries tend to reoccur and last for longer periods. When you were […]

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15 Jun

Why I love Pilates Classes- musings of a physio

Why do I love Pilates classes and what are the benefits?  Rewind 20 years…… I loved exercise and the sweatier the better, I have dabbled in most sports from triathlons to endurance running to hill walking to yoga and at no point did I want to do Pilates. When Pilates first entered the world of […]

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20 Mar

Postural Assessment

What                       Who needs a Postural Assessment? People often present with postural related pain. What this means is that often we spend many hours adopting one position, either for work or studying or with sports. If the posture is a static one, eg. at work […]

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