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We are an expert physiotherapy & Pilates practice in Kingston, KT2 offering the highest quality service to people living in and around Kingston Upon Thames and Surbiton.

We understand that pain can affect our lives, stop us from doing the activities we love. We recognise that reducing pain is your main goal when looking for treatment. If you come and see us we will support you through your injury.

We help reduce the pain as quickly as we can and then create plans to stop it from returning.

Having 20 plus years of experience and working with the leading medical minds, we have a proven track record of helping people to reduce their pain quickly and get them back to activity.

We are a growing practice that prides itself on clinical excellence. We aim to provide you with the most thorough orthopaedic assessment making sure we always rule out any non-physiotherapy causes to your pain. Following each assessment, we will always offer you a diagnosis as well as a treatment plan with an idea of time scales. With our many years of experience and research knowledge we can advise on how long injuries take to recover and offer you an idea of the number of treatments.

During your treatment we will always endeavour to keep you active and build up your strength in the areas that we can so that you do not loose your fitness through the process. We also run a number of Clinical Pilates classes to suit all ages and levels.We are an expert physiotherapy & Pilates practice in Kingston, KT2 offering the highest quality service to people living in and around Kingston Upon Thames and Surbiton.


After a thorough initial orthopaedic assessment your physio aims to give a possible diagnosis and therefore have an understanding of how long it may take to improve and offer a plan of action.We aim to provide you with some relief through physiotherapy, to allow you to get MOVING and reduce the reasons that the injury occurred.

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Many physiotherapists now use Pilates methods for rehabilitation of injuries as well as improving clients posture, maintaining mobility and flexibility. Much of the current research into injury prevention and management advocates movement and exercise as part of the management.

Pilates is a good way to maintain good movement patterns, build strength and flexibility. It is important that your instructor works closely with you to make sure that you are performing the exercises correctly.

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Sports massage therapy is a discipline which practitioners are trained to mobilise the soft tissues of the body, these are your muscles and the fascia around your muscles. They are trained to use techniques that include, deep massage, fascial stretching, rolling and kneading the muscles.

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We understand how pregnancy and motherhood can take its toll on your body. We provide many different services for ante-natal and post-natal women:

• Physiotherapy for Pelvic Girdle Pain during pregnancy
• Physiotherapy for Low back pain
• Physiotherapy for pubic symphysis pain
• Physiotherapy for mid-back pain
• 1:1 Pilates for pregnancy
• Pregnancy Pilates Group Class

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"I have had many issues with my back over the years and Jehan has been the only physio to not only correctly diagnose and treat successfully, but also to devise an effective plan to deliver long standing results. Her knowledge of the complexities of vertebrae are second to none! I would highly recommend her."​
Jehan - Physiotherapist
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